True Omnichannel Fulfillment

There’s a trillion-dollar, digitally native millennial shopper's market at stake, and retailers must win them over by providing the products they want, where and when they want them.

Retailers must expand their inventory management capability beyond simply reacting to changing product demand with allocation and replenishment. This new level of omnichannel fulfillment requires deft orchestration of inventory movement across the entire supply chain based on not just knowing what products are bought, but also how they are bought.

Real-Time Enterprise Inventory Management

Truly understanding how and when inventory is consumed requires a global view of real-time inventory (not overnight updates) movement across the supply chain. This expansive, detailed view enables each store to act as a distribution center that supports efficient order fulfillment.

Distributed Order Management (DOM) & Demand Forecasting

In addition to orchestrating inventory movement:

  • DOM redefines demand forecasting instead of simply considering historical inventory transactions at the store level.
  • DOM takes into account all omnichannel customer behaviors, including items and quantities bought and returned, by channel, location and fulfillment method.
  • The DOM continuously reconfigures and allocates inventory based on this information.

In this video, Gartner Research Director Tom Enright and OneView Commerce Chief Operating Officer Linda Palanza explain the journey to mastering product demand. You'll learn about the unequivocal importance of the role Distributed Order Managment plays in determining demand forecasting, merchandising and promotion, and omnichannel retailing success.