Unified Commerce

"Kroger’s overall digital sales grew 118% including delivery sales growth of 249% during its fourth quarter 2020. When customers engage in both Kroger stores and online the retailer sees a 98% retention rate within its ecosystem, highlighting how sticky its customer engagement is.”  

- Rodney McMullen, CEO - Q4 2020 Kroger Co Earnings Call


Unified Commerce Powered by Microsoft Azure

Customers won't wait for your legacy response to their digital expectations but will instead take their business elsewhere. As the store goes from lanes to the curb, to the doorstep, and beyond, give your team the control and agility to quickly engage and transact anywhere.

Leaders like Kroger rapidly transform digital engagement as OneView's Headless Unified Commerce Platform empowers their teams to build and deliver new experiences without disrupting their legacy footprint until they are ready. Inquire about OneView's platform proof of concept (POC) program that will enable you to test, learn, and validate the power of our headless framework for yourself.

See how you can design your own program objectives and leverage the same platform access Kroger uses to build their next-gen experiences to allow your team to prove how OneView fits your strategies and solves unique business challenges. 

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Make Unified Commerce a Reality
Associate Workflow for Pickups

Take control of every customer experience to differentiate your brand


Increase speed + innovation to predict and respond to customer expectations

Cost effective and modern solution

Reduce cost with pre-built commerce services + retail accelerators


Webinar: Insights on Rapid Retail Innovation

Platform Trial: Immediately build out trial use cases and self-explore functionality—full access to training videos and documentation portal, including API schemas.

Headless Architecture Lab: Take the technology in-house to gain deeper exposure to our unified commerce platform's technology and business features. Test drive APIs and attend deep-dive business sessions.

Pilot: Piloting the solution in a live store is the best way to verify fit for purpose and align "test and learn" with strategic initiatives. Go live to prove how OneView co-exists with legacy technology versus a "rip and replace" while rapidly enhancing customer journeys and speeding time to market.

Kroger: Fresh for Everyone

With OneView, Kroger's build, test, learn delivers for the business

The next-generation commerce focus doesn’t focus on "lanes" but instead on putting the customer first through innovation and agility at new and exciting touchpoints. Kroger’s objective is to develop meaningful experiences where and how the customer wants to shop and interact with the brand. By empowering control and innovation through a headless unified commerce platform, OneView enables Kroger to reimagine commerce in support of fast-moving business objectives, brand strategy, competitive differentiation, and more.

  • Headless, cloud-native unified transaction engine gives Kroger teams agility and control to deliver transformative retail experiences
  • Empowers Kroger to reimagine, develop and own their unique customer experiences 
  • OneView transaction makes experience development fast, consistent, and easy
  • Agile to deliver fast time-to-innovation and continuous iteration 

Build it once, use it anywhere

OneView provides the only unified commerce platform that allows a single innovation team to build user experiences and deploy them as required across any customer touchpoints. Even with complex infrastructures of traditional, mobile, kiosk and self serve, this means retailers like Kroger are now positioned to deliver unique experiences from a single code base but with channel relevancy front and center.

Yours, Mine, Ours

Like every tier one retailer, Kroger has significant investments in business-specific legacy processes that present a huge opportunity to mine value from re-use. OneView's ability to embrace Yours, Mine, Ours ensures retailers can harvest benefits from legacy while targeting digital transformation investment to the areas that provide the most significant business return. All while empowering teams to rapidly build user experiences that leverage both new and existing services for maximum customer engagement.

Don’t take our word for it, try OneView for free and see for yourself

Our quick-start platform and SaaS trial let you see first-hand how modern, next-gen unified commerce transforms how you deliver for your business by de-risking initiatives with control, agility and speed to market.

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