OneView Commerce Cloud-based Omnichannel Inventory Management

Optimizes Order Fulfillment with Real-Time Inventory Visibility Across the Enterprise


The OneView Inventory Management solution keeps a real-time, accurate balance and history of daily trading instantaneously, the stock platform records, reports, and maintains an audit trail that tracks the position of all stock in every location defined within the enterprise. It transforms each store into a warehouse by enabling the fastest, most efficient movement of products among stores and distribution centers, providing customers convenient options for receiving product and retailers the ability to protect margins by optimizing inventory.

  • Order and replenishment engine with demand-driven replenishment rules and ERP and vendor interfaces that supports associates ordering from anywhere in the supply chain
  • Store receiving and put away
  • Store cycle counting
  • Provides real-time inventory views across the omnichannel enterprise
  • Includes an inventory dashboard that provides inventory reports and statistics, including current demand, locks down inventory at any level, and enables inventory location across the omnichannel enterprise
  • Addresses global omnichannel challenges of retailers with corporate-owned and franchised stores.

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