Millennial Shoppers are Reshaping Retail

Retailers, have you developed a digital transformation strategy designed to serve this key demographic?

As the largest segment of shoppers, Millennials are the best target opportunity for retailers and also their biggest challenge. One reason they are so challenging is that of the three major selling channels (stores, online and mobile) mobile delivers the lowest marks for customer satisfaction.

Millennial Shoppers Expectations.png

This means that overall, retailers are currently disappointing the heck out of their biggest block of shoppers.

.Millennial Shopper Changes.png

The results of the study show that 91% of retailers agree that they should fundamentally change how they do business to better serve Millennial shoppers:

  • 76% say by investing in mobile commerce services and functions
  • 62% agree that they need to unify all sales channels for consistent and seamless shopping experience
  • 81% agree that the channel that needs to change most is mobile
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