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OneView will provide in-depth platform training that will empower your team to import data into the system and lead the development on your POC objectives during the program. 

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From weekly sprint reviews, to planning, peer-to-peer development support and executive brief development, OneView will work alongside your team as you deliver hands-on work and validate your overall strategy.

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The Digital Platform for Rapid Retail Innovation

"Kroger’s digitally engaged customers spend between 2X and 4X with the retailer than their nondigital counterparts (the range is accounted for by the degree of loyalty). Through a seamless experience, we create massive incrementality.”

Yael Cosset, Chief Information and Digital Officer 

2019 Kroger Analyst Day


With OneView, Kroger's build, test and learn delivers for the business

Effective next-generation store strategy doesn't isolate the focus on "lanes," but instead, zeros in on customer-first engagement where ever it needs to happen. Empowered retailers can respond immediately with relevant, personalized engagement anywhere and remove friction from the buyers journey as they interact with the brand.  As became evident during COVID-19, the ability to pivot in response to fast-changing behaviors is the backbone of a well-executed strategy and relies on agile and modern technology and retailer-control of the tech stack without dependence on the software provider. 

By empowering control and innovation, OneView enables Kroger to predict customer preferences and respond with experiences that resonate. OneView enables Kroger to rapidly transform digital engagement with:  

  • A modern, headless retail framework to provide control and agility to Kroger teams who develop transformative experiences for any touchpoint from a single transaction engine ensuring a single code base — anywhere.
  • Empowerment for Kroger to reimagine, develop and own their unique customer experiences that differentiate the brand and delight customers
  • A single commerce transaction engine that eliminates the need to re-build backend processes for fast, efficient experience development. 
  • Fast time-to-innovation of critical use cases including Pickups, Pay at Curb, and iterative next-gen commerce engagement

Listen to Drew Whiting, Director, Digital Strategy & Planning at Kroger to learn how they are tackling next-generation digital engagement and customer experience. You'll learn how they are changing their focus from managing lanes and aisles to taking control of customer journeys by creating unique digital experiences like buy online/pickup at a partner location (Walgreens). 

Build it once, use it anywhere

OneView provides the Headless Retail Framework and Transaction Engine that allows a single innovation team to build user experiences and deploy them as required across any customer touchpoints from a single code base. Even with complex infrastructures of traditional, mobile, pickups, kiosk, and self serve, OneView positions retailers like Kroger to deliver unique experiences from a single commerce engine but with channel relevancy front and center.

Yours, Mine, Ours

Like every tier one retailer, Kroger has significant investments in business-specific and legacy processes that offer high value for re-use. OneView's ability to embrace Yours, Mine, Ours ensures retailers can harvest benefits from their existing tech stack and target digital transformation investment to the areas that offer the most meaningful customer value and business return. 

OneView Webinar Series

Learn more about the power of a headless retail framework to rapidly transform your in-store services and extend into digital from a single commerce engine

Proof of Concepts: Test & Learn to Validate Your Longterm Investment (January 27, 2021)
This session will focus on how OneView's Proof of Concept program allows retailers to test drive the our platform's ability to solve their unique business challenges before they invest in a long-term program. See how leaders use POCs to prove their strategic direction, validate the technology and gain executive approval and budgets to transform with speed and agility.

Headless Commerce for Store and Why You Need It (Watch now, Sept. 2020)
See how embracing the concept of headless commerce for store, which separates the backend transaction processing from a retailer-owned UX layer, empowers your team with a new level of control and ownership to tackle the digital-first expectations of customers today.

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