OneView Commerce and Australia Post were honored to accept this award as it recognizes powerful commitment and effort by both organizations to modernize one of the most essential and trusted services in the world. As pioneers in customer experience from their very core, posts have always played a critical role in engaging and supporting the communities they serve.

OneView is honored to collaborate with digital disruptors and leaders at Australia Post who have executed on their vision to uplift the customer experience through continuous innovation that is designed to evolve engagement in ways most closely aligned to strategic initiatives.

Beginning in the journey mapping and discovery stage, OneView engaged with Australia Post to introduce them to our global initiatives around digital transformation of customer experiences. Australia Post found that the online threat and shift to digital experiences were directly impacting traditional lines of business and was forcing the hand of change. This led Australia Post to embrace the OneView Digital Store as the engine to transform their customer engagement and in turn empowered Australia Post to execute on strategies to maintain market share without reducing the expansive retail footprint that services their communities.

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In this brief presentation you'll learn how:

  • An empowered shift to digital experiences transforms traditional lines of business
  • Reacting to new customer trends is executed quickly with low overhead and low risktrends
  • Embracing modern architecture is the key to reach aggressive business goals
  • Digitally driven customer engagement is the primary driver of a sustainable business model

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