OneView Commerce Announces OneView Promotions Engine

OneView of Promotions Across All Channels


Is the cost of your current promotions model too high? Retailers that run multiple promotions solutions create silos between marketing, merchandising, e-commerce and the store. This model prevents them from aligning their promotions with where a customer is in their buying journey.

  • Disparate systems are costly for retailers and confusing for customers.
  • Retailers want the ability to choose the right type of rewards based on their marketing objectives.
  • Retailers require one central enterprise promotions platform for all sales channels that fires the right promotion based on where a customer is on the buying journey.

Oneview's Promotions Engine is a centralized cloud- and SOA-based engine that passes the appropiate promotions across any sales channel based on rules set by the retailer.

It is a continuation of OneView's omnichannel mission to digitize the store. The solution can be installed in conjunction with OneView’s Digital Store Platform or as a standalone module that can be integrated with legacy applications.

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