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The Enterprise Architect's Blue Print for Effective Digital Transformation


Retail Digital Transformation Report: Practical Strategies and Techniques for a Successful Journey

An enterprise architects guide to navigating the "experience" economy 

Understanding how critical today's experience-driven revolution is to your organization’s survival, OneView CTO Abhijit Killedar and Digital Transformation Expert Michael Baird have published this detailed guide to demystify and navigate your journey from system-centric to customer-centric.  Written by and for enterprise architects, Retail Digital Transformation Report: Practical Strategies and Techniques for a Successful Journey outlines must-have initiatives and tactics to plan, execute, and manage the large-scale, open-ended journey that puts customer experience at the center of everything you do. 

Key topics include:

  • Structuring board-approved and funded transformation programs that bridge business and IT challenges and align to existing POS and store landscape
  • Developing and fine-tuning a realistic and achievable transformation roadmap
  • Embracing a culture of change
  • Fostering agility and speed within development and delivery teams
  • Identifying relevant value metrics and creating accountability
  • How to continually monitor progress, identify and clear obstacles, and making adjustments
Based on learnings and experience acquired "in the field" with innovators including Kroger, Australia Post, and more, the report provides insight into executing meaningful change in complex organizations, fast.  Get your copy today.

Next Generation POS + Digital Experiences, Fast

With a target architecture anchored in control, agility, and innovation, Kroger turned to OneView for a Retail-as-a-Service Platform that would empower them to build customer experiences that differentiates and transform with speed, agility, and purpose.Kroger1

  • Transformed customer experience for grocery pickups at Walgreens
  • All CX built and deployed by Kroger Teams on the OneView Headless Retail Framework
  • Experience reimagined + delivered in 20 weeks



Building their POS + Customer Engagement, Fast

Faced with an aging store infrastructure and a fast-moving business model that looked to take advantage of new opportunities for customer engagement, Australia Post turned to OneView for a platform that put them in control to build the store and customer experiences they needed, fast. Beginning with a mobile store experience to prove the approach, the team rapidly gained support and funding for their multi-year digital transformation anchored in control, agility, and speed to market. 

  • Proved the business case for a retail-as-a-service platform with agile planning and delivery
  • Empowered to build and evolve their own customer experiences for maximum relevance 
  • New mobile store experience delivered fast to provide proof points for full programAusPost1